About Us

About Us

The Centre for Women and Trans People provides a safe organizing space for self-identified women and trans people to come together around issues ranging from reproductive freedom, sexuality and gender empowerment to violence, racism, and the media.

The Centre provides advocacy and resources, host discussion groups and other great events from a feminist and trans-positive perspective. Interested in organizing a new campaign or just hanging out? Drop by our office on the 2nd floor of the Student Centre.

The Centre for Women and Trans People is the longest existing Equity Service Centre at Ryerson University. We are funded by the Ryerson Students’ Union.

The Centre’s goal is to improve the status and condition of all self-identified women at Ryerson through education and action. The Centre for Women and Trans People exists as a space for all self-identified women on campus where they can gather to hangout, hold discussion groups and organize. The Centre for Women and Trans People sponsor education campaigns, provides referrals, shows films, keeps up to date with community events, holds discussion groups, and has an extensive resource library stocked with books, pamphlets films, reference material, and newspaper clippings.

Throughout the school year we hold workshops, movie screenings, and speaker events, all intended to increase students’ knowledge of feminist ideas and getting them involved in our struggle for equity.